Air Quality Data Comparison

This is a comparison of data feeds from two sources produced quickly for the Citizen Science hack day. The Govt data is from DEFRA's site, manually pulled and inserted into pachube. The Citizen data is real time from a prototype air quality egg. The egg data is a raw extract from CO and NO2 sensors. This needs converting into conventional units.

The original plan had been to pull the Govt data in real time but this turned out not to be possible as the King's College feed froze part was though the hack process. The graphs were planned to be rather more elegant. However, the pachube app installer had stopped working.

I'm likely to redo this once the eggs are more permanently in place with data normalised.

Govt data

Graph: Feed 48939, Datastream CO
Graph: Feed 48939, Datastream NO2

Citizen data

Graph: Feed 48309, Datastream CO
Graph: Feed 48309, Datastream NO2