Content Management

When we formed Virtual Technologies in 2000 Content Management was the first thing our clients were talking about. At that time business people wanted to take back control of the way they were expressing their brand through their web presence. They faced the problem that they could not respond instantly when they needed to adjust their message, issue a news item or whatever.

The market has moved on from there and almost every site has some kind of CMS installation. However, the things people want to do with their web presence has moved on too. Some examples:

  • Dynamic content
  • Intranets and Exranets (e.g.Customer portals)
  • Integration with back-end applications
  • eCommerce
  • Content syndication
  • etc.

As a result, we have moved on in terms of the sevice we provide. We still help clients to specify and selsct the most appropriate platforms given their particular requirements and constraints.

We still work to configure and fine tunes these systems and train client staff on their use.

We produce customised add-ons to do the things clients need that standard platforms do not provide. This includes adapting a CMS to be able to publish by email, generate PDFs or whatever.

We remain agnostic as to which platform is best for any particular situation.

We retain our own CMS platform that clients may license for no fee in cases such as transitional projects where it is premature to choose the eventual solution.

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