Customer Relationship Management (CRM/ MRM)

CRM is one of the core applications for any organisation that needs to optimise customer service and all our clients fall into this category, especially associations.

This is a topic that we could expand on at length. Suffice it to say that there is considerable value in maintaining a complete record of customer contacts and interactions.

We try to stay agnostic of CRM platforms as there are many fine products out there. However, we feel some affinity with those that we have direct experience with:

  • - the industry's poster shild. It now has excellent application integration capabilities on which we have already advised one client.
  • Interaction - the leading CRM in the legal software marketplace. We have interfaced our content management tools to this for newsletter production.
  • Stratum - one of the leaders in the association market. We have built web interfaces around this.
  • We also have a CRM element within the e-ssociation toolkit. This is used in applications where the budget does not allow for a more complete solution.

We are keen to work with open source CRM solutions such as Sugar and are in the process of evaluating one of these.

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