This provides the foundation to any business solution and is usually the most important part to get right. Most of our work has been with SQL databases such as from Oracle, Microsoft, Informix (IBM), Sybase and mySQL. In addition, we have experience with the "multivalue" U2 database, now also owned by IBM.

Our main work here is in database design and re-design, ensuring that appropriate relational structures and in place and that their integrity can be easily maintained.

We work with various tools for database maintenance and reporting, can help clients choose the right tools and also have some of our own.

We devise appropriate backup strategies allowing recovery from problems that occur between backup sessions and, where required, actually performing the recovery process.

We often find it necessary to work with legacy databases either to support the integration of existing systems with new ones or to transition data so that it can be used more extensively. In this work we have become adept at extracting and repurposing old data for new databases.

In a current project we are looking at helping people to "kick the Access habit". See blogs/ white papers for more on that.

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