Internet Technologies

Even before the web came into existence we were huge advocates of the internet which was the enabler for email, the first major step in enabling virtual working. The web arrived, took off and became nothing short of a technology explosion. We jumped onto that bandwagon and have been riding it ever since.

Back in the 90s we built some of the first internet-based applications to support our business at that time - running an international trade association.

Initially we mastered the basic technologies of HTML, CSS and javascript. We then used many different technologies for active content including C, perl, Java, PHP, ASP and a couple of our own devising. We worked with several back-end databases including Informix and Oracle before arriving at our preferred mySQL.

Since then we have tracked all the good new stuff coming along and today are using Ajax techniques to create up-to-date user interfaces.

We will continue to track the technologoes as they emerge and use them when they are right for fulfilling our clients' requirtements.

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