Project Management

In the world of IT nothing is achieved without good project management, something that we have been practising for over 35 years. These days we sometimes manage projects and in other cases help our clients to do so by mentoring their own managers.

Though it's based on recognised best practice such as PRINCE2, our approach is not a rigid one as we believe that a lighter touch brings may benefits. However, we strongly believe that the way in which a project is created and launched is critically important, as are the personal qualiities of the project manager. Of those qualities, commitment and persistence are foremost.

We are strong believers in "agile" methodologies as applied to systems development because they address so many of the issues that arose as IT became more complex. For example, how can one expect a business user to fully understand a specification of a user interface that's described in words?. Demos and early versions speak volumes.

Supporting the project management process are a number of activities that we also provide as required. These include requirements gathering, specification writing and product evaluation.

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