Commercial Case Study 2

The client is a shipping broker who needed to publish a weekly bulletin containing a good deal of technical and market data. The preferrred format is PDF because of the need to print it and also deliver it on the web and by email.

The data comes from spreadsheets that are updated regularly and there is also an up-to-date commentary.

After considering the option of training themselves to use DTP software such as Quark it was decided to acquire a template solution that would do all the layout and formatting in a consistent manner and do it quickly - before the data goes stale.

Virtual Technologies built this solution atop their content management platform which supports this type of templating and has a recently-added PDF output capability in addition to web pages.

The client now uploads spreadsheets and graphs, writes in the commentary and can immediately preview and publish a finished PDF document. The whole process can be achieved in a matter of minutes and no special publishing skills are required.

Said JL, Director, ""

Paul Tanner of Virtual Technologies likes this type of project as it opens up a whole new market for rapid publishing of technical data.

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