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Virtual Technologies are business-to-IT consultants working primarily with SMEs and not-for-profits.

Our goal is to help our clients make sound IT investments and, through those, achieve maximum business advantage.

We do this with business-led advice and guidance and by supporting pragmatic implementation in a very hands-on way.

By working with the systems that our clients already use, rather than seeking to replace everything, we can get results quickly and affordably.

What's Hot

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents the immediate future of distributed systems. Also known as "Machine to Machine" or M2M, it envisions real-time systems of global reach where the end points are not people but sensors and actuators doing important tasks that humans aren't good at. See Vint Cerf's talk on Read Write Web

We're preparing software tools that work hand in hand with leading sensor/ actuator aggregation platform Pachube. The tools, a kind of "IDE for IoT" make it really easy to develop and iterate IoT applications. This project, supported by the Technology Strategy Board, has reached the working prototype stage. We are keen to find IoT application projects where this can be further tested and refined. Watch this space.


Project News

Business Smartphone Applications

Thanks to the success of the iPhone, the market for phones with serious computational and human interface capabilities has taken off. How can we use this in a business context? Is this limited to iPhone? What are the advantages of various approaches to this new opportunity? .. more/

Kicking the Access habit

It's common to find that adhoc systems built with MS Access have become important and need to be integrated into the main IT picture. This can be problematic so we've been working with a client on a way to do this quickly and affordably .. more/

Multimedia publishing

Most people think of content management as applying to the content that ends up as HTML web pages. A client asked us to take this further and facilitate the publishing of PDF too. This solution could have numerous applications. .. more/

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